Message from the past

The story is about 3 weeks old.

My birthday was in quarantine and it was first day my remote work. I do many printing, when working in an office, but at home i don't have printer, so had to improvise. Remembered, that in November of 2019 purchased a calendar book for 2020 and used it maybe twice in four month. So, decided to use that book for notes instead of printing. There was other notepads on desk, but i took calendar book, scrolled maybe 50 empty pages to exact date and i was surprised. There was a birthday wish from my wife, which she wrote few month ago and forgot about it. What a coincident, to take calendar book instead of notepad, to open my birthday date page at my birthday !!! I will always remember this.

P.S. Birthday wish is in the picture and my wife looks at my emotions :D

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